Publisher’s Location (in a citation)

In a bibliographic citation (<element-citation> or <mixed-citation>) or a citation to a related object (<related-object>), this element names the place of publication of the cited document, typically a city such as “New York” or “London”.


This element is not part of the metadata of a standards document. Use the element <std-org-loc> to record the location of the publishing or adopting standard.


Model Description

This element may be contained in:


In a mixed-style bibliographic reference (punctuation and spacing preserved):
<ref id="bibr40">
 <mixed-citation><collab>World Health Organization</collab>, 
  <collab>World Bank</collab>. (<year iso-8601-date="2011">2011</year>), 
  <source>World Report on Disability</source>, 
  <publisher-loc>Geneva</publisher-loc>, available at: