License Paragraph

Paragraph of text within the description of a <license>.


The ordinary <p> is not used, because additional tags are allowed only within <license-p>.
The attribute @content-type may be used to specify what kind of information is described in the license paragraph, for retrieval or special processing. Typical values are “open-access”, “licensed non-commercial use”, and “CCC-statement”.


Model Description

Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:

Example 1

Providing trademark information:
 <copyright-statement>Copyright &#xa9; 2015 by The Institute 
  of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. All rights 
  reserved. Published 18 December 2015. Printed in the United 
  States of America.</copyright-statement>
  <license-p>IEEE is a registered trademark in the U.S. Patent 
   &amp; Trademark Office, owned by The Institute of Electrical 
   and Electronics Engineers, Incorporated.</license-p>

Example 2

In a bilingual standard:
 <license xml:lang="en">
  <license-p>Apart from exceptions provided by the law, 
   nothing from this publication may be duplicated and/or 
   published ...</license-p>
  <license-p>The Netherlands Standardization Institute 
   shall, with the exclusion of any other beneficiary, 
   collect ...</license-p>
 <license xml:lang="nl">
  <license-p>Auteursrecht voorbehouden. Behoudens 
   uitzondering door de wet gesteld mag zonder schriftelijke 
   toestemming van het Nederlands Normalisatie-instituut 
   niets uit deze uitgave worden ...</license-p>
  <license-p>Het Nederlands Normalisatie-instituut is 
   met uitsluiting van ieder ander gerechtigd de door