Figure Group

Container element for figures that are to be displayed together.

Related Elements

Both figures (<fig>) and graphics (<graphic>) may appear either grouped within a <fig-group> or singly within textual material.


Model Description

This element may be contained in:


<fig-group id="overview4">
 <caption><title>Figures 12-14 Overview Diagrams</title>
  <p>Diagrams of the mechanizm from three perspectives</p>

 <fig id="fg-12">
  <caption><p>View A: From the Front</p></caption>
  <graphic xlink:href="frontView.png"/>

 <fig id="fg-13">
  <caption><p>View B: From the Side</p></caption>
  <graphic xlink:href="sideView.png"/>

 <fig id="fg-14">
  <caption><p>View C: From Above</p></caption>
  <graphic xlink:href="topView.png"/>