Boxed Text

Textual material that is part of the body of a standards document but is outside the flow of the narrative text (for example, a sidebar).


Usage: The <boxed-text> element can be used for any text insert whether enclosed in a box or not (for example, marginalia, sidebars, cautions, tips, warnings, note boxes).
When Content is a Form: The @is-form attribute can be used to indicate that the text box contains a form. What constitutes a “form” is not defined by NISO STS.


Model Description

The following, in order:

This element may be contained in:


<p>... without updating the existing inactive for new design 
 notice.  When an inactive for new design document is revised 
 or a change issued, one of the following notes shall appear 
 in a box beneath the document title, as applicable:
  <p>This document is inactive for new design.</p>
  <p>This document is inactive for new design. Refer to 
   (fill in document identifier) for new designs.</p>
Excerpt of MIL-STD-967 showing use of boxed text to illustrate two alternative notes: