Named Special (Subject) Content

Word or phrase whose content/subject matter has distinct semantics or content-related significance that is not defined in this Tag Set.


Display: In print or display, such semantic content is likely to be treated differently, for example, given a stand-out typographic style such as italics or background shading.

Related Elements

Named/Styled Content Best Practice: The related <styled-content> element may, in some instances, produce the same look on print or display as some <named-content> elements. Both mark content that has a visual distinction; the difference between the two elements is intent. If it is known that this word is in italics because it is a genus or species name, this semantics should be preserved with a <named-content> element with a @content-type attribute of “genus-species” or equivalent. The <styled-content> element would merely tell you that it was always in green shaded background style="green-shading" or in italics.
Specific Use: Being web-only or print-only is not a stylistic matter, but rather a particular use, which should be tagged with the @specific-use attribute on the appropriate element, perhaps even on a <named-content> or <styled-content> element.


Model Description

Any combination of:

This element may be contained in:


<p>As a minimum, testing is required at nominal ambient and highest ambient 
values, typically <named-content content-type="temp">70 °C</named-content> 
and <named-content content-type="temp">85 °C</named-content> for at least 
<named-content content-type="duration">one hour</named-content>.</p>