Border (Frame) around a Table (NISO JATS table model)

Thickness, in pixels, of the border to draw around the table. A value of “0” indicates that the table has no border. (This attribute is based on and intended to be converted easily to the XHMTL border attribute.)


Supplying the @border attribute without specifying a value indicates that the table has a border of the application’s default thickness.
Best Practice: Although the Tag Set can enforce only that this attribute contain any text, numbers, or special characters, Best Practice is to constrain this value to a counting number (positive integer).

Used on Element: <table>

Counting numberThickness, measured in pixels, of the border around the table.
RestrictionThis is an optional attribute; there is no default.


<table border="0" width="1800">
  <col width="4*"/>
  <col width="89*"/>
  <col align="center" width="6*"/>
   <td align="center">(a)</td>
   <td>Insulated supply service drops limited to 300 V to ground</td>