<release-version> Release-Version

Text that describes an organization’s specific draft version status or lifecycle stage of the current XML document.


Best Practice

This element is retained for backwards-compatibility purposes with ISO STS. In NISO STS, Best Practice is to record the status or lifecycle information using the <version> element.
ISO Note
In current ISO-related documents, the <release-version> element identifies the version of the document in terms of the ISO standard maturity stages. Inside <doc-ident> within <iso-meta>, <reg-meta>, or <nat-meta>, the content for this element would therefore be expected to be one of the following:
Working Draft
Committee Draft
Draft International Standard
Final Draft
International Standard (This value is also used for later corrected editions and alternate language versions of an IS.)

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Text, numbers, or special characters, zero or more
Content Model
<!ELEMENT  release-version
                        (#PCDATA %release-version-elements;)*        >
Expanded Content Model


Tagged Samples
For ISO standard
 <title-wrap xml:lang="en">...</title-wrap>
For non-ISO standard
  <full>STS: Standards Tag Suite</full>
 <release-version>Draft for Public Comment</release-version>
   <std-id std-id-type="">NISO Z39.102-201x</std-id>
  <year iso-8601-date="201x">201x</year>