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Safety Guide documentsee <doc-type>

samplesee <tbx:example>

samplingsee @sec-type

<sans-serif> Sans Serif


schemesee <fig>

scientific namesee <named-content>

scopesee @sec-type


Scope (NISO JATS table model)

scope of NISO STSsee Scopesee Basis


Script (TBX)



Season (in a citation)


<secretariat> Secretariat


section, reference tosee @ref-type

Section 508see Accessibility



See (in an index term)

See (TBX)


See-Also (in an index-term)


See-Also Structural Index Entry


See Structural Index Entry

selecting a DTD/Schemasee Selecting a Model & Schema


semantic content of a sectionsee @sec-type

semanticssee @list-content

separator, decimalsee @dsep


sequencesee <list>

Sequence Number


Series (in a citation)

short captionsee <alt-text>

short identifiersee @std-id-type

Short Name, Standards Organizationsee <std-org-abbrev>

Showing the XLink Link

sidebaruse <boxed-text>

sidebar, reference tosee @ref-type




Signature Block

significancesee @sec-type

simple listsee @list-type

singlesee @underline-style

Singular, Grammatical Numberuse <tbx:grammaticalNumber>

sizesee @unitssee @x-sizesee @y-size


Size (in a citation)

slanted emphasisuse <italic>

Small Caps


Sort Key for Index Entry


Source (in a citation)

Source (TBX)

source, translateduse <trans-source>


Source Identifier (in Related Object)

Source Identifier Type (in Related Object)


source referencesee <ext-link>

source typesee @source-id-type

@source-type Source Type

sp (Special Publication) documentsee <doc-type>

spacing, cellsee @cellspacing

spansee @colspan


Span (NISO JATS table model)

span namesee @colspan

span specificationsee @colspansee @rowspan

<speaker> Speaker

Special Publication documentsee <doc-type>

Specification documentsee <doc-type>

Specific Safety Guide documentsee <doc-type>

@specific-use Specific Use

<speech> Speech

Speech, Part ofuse <tbx:partOfSpeech>

sponsorsee <conf-sponsor>use <funding-source>

ssg (Specific Safety Guide) documentsee <doc-type>

stackuse @arrange

staggeruse @arrange


standard address numbersee <addr-line>

Standard Adoption Document

standard citationuse <std>

standard cited in a reference list of bibliographysee <std>

Standard ID

Standard Identification Block

Standard Identifier Type

Standard ID Group

Standard ID Link Type

Standard Reference Designation

Standard Relationship Type

Standards Document

standards document footnoteuse <fn>

Standards Document Metadata

Standards Organization Abbreviated Name

Standards Organization Description

Standards Organization Group

Standards Organization Hierarchical Level

Standards Organization Location

Standards Organization Name

Standards Organization Role

Standards Organization Type

Standard Test Procedure documentsee <doc-type>

standard typesee @std-type

start, milestonesee <milestone-start>


Start Date

start pagesee @page

statesee <addr-line>



statement, copyrightuse <copyright-statement>

Statement, Formal

State or Province (in an address)

statussee @content-type

status, termsee @term-status

status notesee <meta-note>


std-designationsee @pub-id-type






















stp (Standard Test Procedure) documentsee <doc-type>

street addressuse <addr-line>


Strike Through



Style (NISO JATS table model)

style, listsee @list-type


Styled Special (Subject) Content

style of abstractuse @abstract-type

@style-type Style Type


subjectsee <compound-subject>see <compound-subject-part>see @content-typesee @subj-group-type


Subject Field (TBX)

Subject Group

subject mattersee <subj-group>

Subject Name




Sub-Part of a Standard

subscriptsee @arrange


subset of ISO STSsee Proper Superset of ISO STS

subsetting NISO STSsee Modifying a NISO STS Tag Set

subtitlesee <trans-subtitle>



Suffix (in a name)


Summary (NISO JATS table model)

summary of changessee @sec-type


superioruse <sup>

superscriptsee @arrange


supersedingsee @content-type

superseding notesee <meta-note>

supersetting NISO STSsee Modifying a NISO STS Tag Set

supplement see @std-type


Supplement (in a citation)

<supplementary-material> Supplementary Material

supplementary materialsee @mimetype

Supplement Number


Supplement Type

Supplement Version




supportive materialuse <supplementary-material>

<surname> Surname

surname initialsuse @initials

symbolsee <inline-graphic>

@symbol Symbol

symbol as a termsee @term-type

symbols (or terms and symbols)see @sec-type

synopsissee @abstract-type

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