Designator of Journal Edition/Version

This attribute was inherited from JATS and does not have anything to do with a standard’s designation. The attribute is used to hold the edition number, version number, or similar publishing identifier (for a journal, book, etc.) as an unadorned numeric or alphabetic value for machine comparisons.


Standards Designation: The standards designation is tagged with the <std-ref> element.
Use for Book and Journals: When an edition, version, or similar statement concerning a journal contains ordinals (such as “3rd”) or words such as “3rd print edition”, this attribute can preserve the edition/version number as a simple, machine-processable number, such as “3”.

Used on Elements: <edition>, <version>

Text, numbers, or special characters.Machine processable version of an edition/version number for journal articles.
RestrictionThis is an optional attribute; there is no default.