<part-title> Part Title (in a citation)

Within a citation (such as a <mixed-citation> or an <element-citation>), when books are divided into Parts (which may then contain smaller units such as chapters), this element can be used to record the title of the cited Part. The book would be tagged as <source>.


Part Title (in a citation) is a JATS element, which is not related to standards. For standards, the title of a part in a multipart standard is typically tagged using the element <compl> element, which is a portion of the standard’s title in the standard document’s metadata. (See <title-wrap>.)

Base Attributes

Models and Context
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Content Model
<!ELEMENT  part-title   (#PCDATA %part-title-elements;)*             >
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Tagged Sample

Titled portion of a cited thesis

 <mixed-citation publication-type="thesis"
  <source>Human factors: aerospace medicine and the 
   origins of manned space flight in the United States</source> 
  [dissertation]. <publisher-loc>[Tempe (AZ)]</publisher-loc>: 
  <publisher-name>Arizona State University</publisher-name>; 
  <year>2002</year> <month>May</month>. 
  <part-title>Part 2, Space medicine</part-title>; p.