<tbx:xGraphic> External Graphic (TBX)

The <tbx:xGraphic> element is a hyperlinking element that points, through the @xtarget attribute, to a graphic file that is in an external document. Examples of “external graphics” include non-textual (non-verbal) representations such as a graphic, table, or media object such as a video or sound file


Best Practice

In general, <tbx:xGraphic> elements should not replace a definition but complement it, except in domains or subjects in which nonverbal representations are conventionally used instead of a definition


Typically, this element will be rendered in the published text with the label “See: ” before it. The element content should contain the desired display text of the link. For example:
<tbx:xGraphic xtarget="http://www.example.com/graphic.html">Picture of a circuit board</tbx:xGraphic>


The required @xtarget attribute will hold the URI for the actual link.
xtarget (REQUIRED)

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Model Description
Text, numbers, or special characters
Tagged Sample

Within a <tbx:termEntry>

<tbx:termEntry id="ISO10241-1.a222.1112">
  <tbx:xGraphic xtarget="images/gantry-crane4.jpg"/>
  <tbx:langSet xml:lang="en">
    <tbx:definition>crane with the bridge girders supported on the rail tracks by
      <tbx:term id="a222.1112-1">gantry crane</tbx:term>
      <tbx:partOfSpeech value="noun"/>
      <tbx:normativeAuthorization value="preferredTerm"/>
      <tbx:term id="a222.1112-2">portal bridge crane</tbx:term>
      <tbx:partOfSpeech value="noun"/>
      <tbx:normativeAuthorization value="preferredTerm"/>