<tbx:externalCrossReference> External Cross Reference (TBX)

The <tbx:externalCrossReference> element makes a reference from a term to another term (typically a related term such as an antonym and homonym) that is located in another document. This element is repeatable; so you can include as many cross references to terms as you need in an entry.


(Note: Do not use a formulation such as “Note: See ...” for an external cross-reference to another term, use this <tbx:externalCrossReference> element.)
Related Elements
Internal Cross Reference: A <tbx:crossReference> can only occur at the <tbx:langSet> level, whereas an <tbx:externalCrossReference> can occur at either the <tbx:langSet> or the <tbx:termEntry> level. The @target attribute is optional for <tbx:crossReference>, and the @xtarget attribute mandatory for <tbx:externalCrossReference>
External Cross Reference inside Definition or Example: A <tbx:externalCrossReference> cannot be embedded into a definition or an example. For that purpose, use <tbx:entailedTerm>.
xtarget (REQUIRED)

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