<given-names> Given (First) Names

All given names of a person, such as the first name, middle names, maiden name if used as part of the married name, etc.


As a typical example, in the name “John Q. Delancey Public”, the <given-names> would be “John Q. Delancey” and the <surname> would be “Public”.

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As part of bibliographic reference for journal
 <ref id="ref_4">
  <mixed-citation publication-type="journal"
   <source>Dtsch. Lebensmitt. Rundsch</source>. 
   <year iso-8601-date="1974">1974</year>, 
   <volume>70</volume> p. <fpage>57</fpage></mixed-citation>
As part of bibliographic reference for report
 <mixed-citation publication-type="report"
  <source>NISO/CLIR/RLG Technical Metadata for 
   Images Workshop, April 18-19, 1999</source> [Report]. 
  <publisher-loc>Bethesda, MD</publisher-loc>: 
  <publisher-name>National Information Standards 
  c<date-in-citation content-type="copyright" 
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