<main-title-wrap> Main Title Wrapper

Wrapper element to collect together the <main> title of the standard and its related component parts, such as a label or subtitle(s).
Related Elements
Parts of a Main Title: A simple main title should be tagged using the <main> element. If the main title has a label or subtitles, the <main-title-wrap> element is used to hold all the main title components together.

Base Attributes

Models and Context
May be contained in
Model Description
Tagged Sample

Main title and subtitle are wrapped together in <main-title-wrap>

 <intro>Information Technology</intro>
  <main>Telecommunications and information exchange between 
  <subtitle>Local and metropolitan area networks</subtitle>
 <compl level="1">Technical reports and guidelines</compl>
 <compl-title-wrap level="2">
  <label>Part 5:</label>
  <compl>Media Access Control (MAC) Bridging of Ethernet V2.0 in 
   Local Area Networks</compl>
 <full>Information Technology — Telecommunications and information 
  exchange between systems — Local and metropolitan area networks — 
  Technical reports and guidelines — Part 5: Media Access Control 
  (MAC) Bridging of Ethernet V2.0 in Local Area Networks</full>
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