<related-term> Related Terms

A term that is related to the <term> that is being described inside a <term-display>. The related term may be a synonym, see or see also relationship, etc.


The type of relationship between the term being defined and the related term is described using the @related-term-type attribute, for example, the related term is a “synonym”.

Base Attributes

xml:lang (default = en)
Models and Context
May be contained in
Model Description
Tagged Sample

Part of term-display

 <term-sec id="sec_2.2.5">
  <tbx:termEntry xmlns:tbx="urn:iso:std:iso:30042:ed-1" id="term_2.2.5">...</tbx:termEntry>
  <term-display id="h2238-33">
   <part-of-speech norm-part-of-speech="noun">noun</part-of-speech>
   <related-term related-term-type="acronym" rid="h2238-33.a">HW</related-term>
    <p>hefplatform bestaande uit een werkplatform en 
     een hydraulische hefinrichting gemonteerd op een zelfaangedreven 
    <p>Zie <std><std-ref>EN 1777</std-ref></std>.</p>
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