<p> Paragraph

The basic block-unit of textual information; a textual paragraph.


This element does not have to be a well-formed paragraph as defined in high school language class, i.e., “a block of text representing a single idea, typographically differentiated from its neighbors”. Rather, the element <p> is a block (as opposed to inline) structural unit which may be only a few words or letters in length.

Base Attributes

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Inside sections

<sec sec-type="foreword">
 <p>The text of <std type="dated" std-id="iso:std:iso:15423"
  ><std-ref>ISO/IEC 15423:2004</std-ref></std> has been 
  prepared by Technical Committee ISO/IEC/JTC 1 "Information 
  technology" of the International Organization for 
  Standardization (ISO) and is ...</p>