External Graphic

The <tbx:xGraphic> element is a hyperlinking element that points, through the @xtarget attribute, to a graphic file that is in an external document. Examples of “external graphics” include non-textual (non-verbal) representations such as a graphic, table, or media object such as a video or sound file


Best Practice: In general, <tbx:xGraphic> elements should not replace a definition but complement it, except in domains or subjects in which nonverbal representations are conventionally used instead of a definition
Content/Display: Typically, this element will be rendered in the published text with the label “See: ”> before it. The element content should contain the desired display text of the link. For example:
<tbx:xGraphic xtarget="http://www.example.com/graphic.html">Picture of a circuit board</tbx:xGraphic>
Linking: The required @xtarget attribute will hold the URI for the actual link.


Model Description

Text, numbers, or special characters

This element may be contained in:


<tbx:termEntry id="ISO10241-1.a222.1112">
  <tbx:xGraphic xtarget="images/gantry-crane4.jpg"/>
  <tbx:langSet xml:lang="en">
    <tbx:definition>crane with the bridge girders supported on the rail tracks by
      <tbx:term id="a222.1112-1">gantry crane</tbx:term>
      <tbx:partOfSpeech value="noun"/>
      <tbx:normativeAuthorization value="preferredTerm"/>
      <tbx:term id="a222.1112-2">portal bridge crane</tbx:term>
      <tbx:partOfSpeech value="noun"/>
      <tbx:normativeAuthorization value="preferredTerm"/>