Document Internal Identifier

A unique in-the-document identifier for an element. The identifier can be used in the target attribute of another element to point to the current element. See NISO STS @id element for more information.

Used on these Elements:

An identifier (ID)A unique identifier for the element. An XML parser can verify that an IDREF-style attribute pointing to one of these is pointing to a valid ID.
RestrictionThis is an optional attribute; there is no default.


Showing unique in-the-document identifiers for both <tbx:termEntry> and <tbx:term>:
<tbx:termEntry id="ISO10241-1.a22.32">
  <tbx:langSet xml:lang="en">
    <tbx:definition>reference level for soundings in navigation charts</tbx:definition>
      <tbx:term id="a22.32-1">chart datum</tbx:term>
      <tbx:partOfSpeech value="noun"/>
      <tbx:normativeAuthorization value="preferredTerm"/>
      <tbx:termType value="fullForm"/>
      <tbx:term id="a22.32-2">CD</tbx:term>
      <tbx:partOfSpeech value="noun"/>
      <tbx:normativeAuthorization value="admittedTerm"/>
      <tbx:termType value="acronym"/>