ANSI/NISO Z39.102-2017

8 ANSI/NISO Z39.102-2017 STS (Version 1.0) • 8.2 Attributes

8.2.25 @comm-ref-group-type Committee Reference Group Type

The element <comm-ref> identifies the Technical Committee, Subcommittee, or Working Group responsible for the standard, for example, ISO/TC 27/SC 4. The element <comm-ref-group> holds multiple standards-producing groups to create a hierarchy of groups, since the element may contain a <comm-ref> element to name itself, a series of lower-level <comm-ref>s, as well as lower-level <comm-ref-group>s. This @comm-ref-group-type attribute names the type of group, for example, partner or sponsor.

In element <comm-ref-group>, this attribute may be used if the element is used.
Value Meaning
Text, numbers, or special characters. The type of group, for example, partner.