ANSI/NISO Z39.102-2017

8 ANSI/NISO Z39.102-2017 STS (Version 1.0) • 8.1 Elements

8.1.182 <oasis:tbody> Table Body for an OASIS XML Exchange (CALS) Table (In STS Extended ONLY)

Container element that holds the rows and columns of the body (as opposed to the header) portions of an OASIS XML Exchange (CALS) table. (This structure is available only in the Extended versions of NISO STS; it is not available in the Interchange versions of NISO STS.) In order to distinguish the OASIS XML Exchange (CALS) elements from the XHTML table model, all OASIS XML Exchange (CALS) table elements must be namespaced in NISO STS, by default using the OASIS URI and the namespace prefix oasis:.