NISO Standards Tag Suite (STS) Supporting Materials

Sample Documents Tagged with NISO STS 1.0

NISO STS is an enabling tag suite, not an enforcing one. This means that while it provides the means to tag a lot of detail in the narrative body, the references, and the metadata about the standards embedded in the XML file, virtually none of this tagging is required.

In addition, it is often the case that there may be more than one way to tag some parts of standards documents. Selecting one over the other may be a matter of which is most convenient in the creator's production environment or even which they are in the habit of using.

The samples provided here are examples showing how one organization tagged one document. They are intended to be illustrative and helpful, but are certainly not the only possible way to tag any of these documents in NISO STS 1.0.


This is a copy of the NISO STS standard tagged using NISO STS. Notice that:

  • the metadata contains only that information that appears in the published standard
  • the terms and definitions were tagged with the term-display element
  • many of the sections are identified with @sec-type attributes

Click here to see this standard as published (in PDF).
Click here to see the NISO STS tagged version of the standard.

Example of Adoption

This tagged file illustrates the adoption mechanism of NISO STS. Note that this document was originally tagged to ISO STS and that many of the new features provided in NISO STS (with the obvious exception of the adoption tagging) have not been added. This illustrates that documents valid to ISO STS are all also valid to NISO STS.

The standard tagged::

  • was published by ISO as ISO 13849-1
  • was adopted by CEN as EN ISO 13849-1 (with the addition of several annexes)
  • the CEN adoption was adopted by DIN as DIN EN ISO 13849-1 (with the addition of another annex)

Click here to see the NISO STS tagged version of the standard.

Example of a minimally tagged standard

This is an example of a minimally tagged NISO STS document. All of the content of RFC 8142 is present, and it has been tagged richly enough to support interchange and simple formatting.

While many users of NISO STS may choose to tag their documents much more richly, providing additional detail and tagging granularity, this example shows that NISO STS also support relatively light tagging.

Click here to see the original published version of this standard.
Click here to see the NISO STS tagged version of the standard.