NISO Standards Tag Suite (STS) Supporting Materials

ANSI/NISO Z39.102-2017 Standards Tag Suite (STS) standard contains the rules of the standard.

NISO Z39.102-2017 Standards Tag Suite (STS) is available in PDF form from NISO at Further information about its committee is available here.

However, NISO STS, like many XML applications, is a complex application, and will be challenging to implement without additional documentation beyond what is in the standard.

On this site we provide non-normative supporting material for STS. This supporting material includes:

  • Tag Library
    • Descriptions of each element and attribute (identical to those in the standard) including the structures in TBX-ISO-TML (the terminology markup language (TML) used in NISO-STS).
    • Remarks on many of the elements and attributes, intended to help users distinguish between similar structures and use the structures correctly
    • Examples showing most of the structures tagged in context
    • Chapters describing, for example, how to use the tag library, the document elements provided in the standard, selecting the appropriate NISO STS Tag Set, and NISO STS common tagging practices such as options for encoding Terms and Definitions sections
    • An index, to help users navigate this complex material
    • Hierarchy diagrams, which provide graphical illustrations of the structure of the more complex elements in NISO STS
    • A context table, showing where each element may be used
  • DTD, XSD, and RNG schemas for each of the tag sets
  • Examples of a standards tagged using NISO STS